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Sunday, October 11, 2015


     Signature Theatre is an originating sponsor of the Women’s Voices Theatre Festival currently going on at more than 50 theatres in the Metro area. The theatres are featuring plays written by women and Signature’s entry is a world premiere of a musical, “Cake-Off” by Sheri Wilner. The setting is a fictitious 50th Annual Millberry Cake-Off competition with a battle between the sexes. The winner will receive a million dollar prize. The final two bakers are Rita Gaw, played by Sheri L. Edelen and Paul Hubbard, played by Todd Buonopane, both perfectly cast in this very energetic show. Watch out if you’re in the front row! Stealing the show is Jamie Smithson who plays Jack DeVault, the emcee of the cake-off, but who also plays two former female cake-off winners. He’s hilarious! Terrific piano accompaniment by Andrea Grady and great direction by Joe Caolarco. “Cake-Off” is about 90 minutes and runs through Nov. 22. It’s great fun! For more information and tickets, call 703-820-9771 and check the website at

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