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Saturday, October 24, 2015

DOMINION STAGE - - “Carrie the Musical”

     Dominion Stage is presenting “Carrie the Musical” at Gunston II. Based on a novel by Stephen King in 1974, “Carrie” was made into a movie in 1976. It made its Broadway debut as a musical in 1988.   Dominion Stage has done an outstanding casting job with Katie Puschel at Carrie, Ashley Zielinski as Sue Snell (who befriends Katie), Rachel Barlaam as the revenge seeking Chris Hargensen, Claudia Love Petty as Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, Taylor Witt as Sue’s boyfriend and football star, Tommy Ross, William Shingler as Billy Nolan, Chris’ boyfriend, Emily Jonas as the gym teacher and Chris Rios as the high school principal. A terrific ensemble of  nine singers and dancers,  wonderful music direction by Walter “Bobby” McCoy and  choreography by Patrick Doneghy. “Carrie”  is a horror story, regardless  of whether it’s a musical. The show runs weekends through Nov. 7.Tickets  available at the door or at

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