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Saturday, October 24, 2015


    Shakespeare Theatre Company’s entry in the ongoing Women’s Voices Theater Festival is a 90 minute reinterpretation by Yaël Farber of the  biblical figure, “Salome.” You will recall that Salomé was the daughter of King Herod and for some reason demanded the head of John the Baptist. Farber is presenting this story from a feminist viewpoint and Salomé is no longer a villain. I have to admit I had a little trouble wrapping my mind around this version that had  political overtones. The lead role of Salomë  is actually played by two actors, Nadine Malouf and Olwen Fouere as Nameless Woman. At first I thought Nameless Woman was an older Salomé expressing regrets about her earlier years.This is an example of Farber’s use of extreme poetic license. John the Baptist was played by Ramzi Choukair. The whole cast was made up of internationally acclaimed actors. “Salome” runs through Nov. 8 at STC’s Lansburgh Theatre at 450 – 7th St NW in the District. For information and tickets, call 202-547-1122 and check the website at www.ShakespeareTheatre,org. Next up at STC is “Kiss Me Kate,” a musical version of “The Taming of the Shrew”. It opens Nov. 17.

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