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Sunday, September 27, 2015

METRO STAGE - - “Uprising”

     I’m always interested in plays that portray a slice of  American history. None are so compelling as those exposing the perilous times of slavery. Such is the case of “Uprising,” a play by Gabrielle Fulton, currently playing at Metro Stage in Alexandria.  It’s a musical drama with an outstanding cast! The story is set in 1859 in a free black community in Pennsylvania where the strongwilled Sal (Cynthia D. Barker) encounters Ossie (Anthony Manough), the lone survivor of John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry. While she is attracted to him and his mission, she has many reservations including mistrust, fear and a commitment to a young fellow, Freddie (Jeremiah Hasty). It’s amazing how the audience is drawn into this personal story and the conflicted feelings of the freed slaves versus their counterparts in other states. “Uprising” runs through Oct. 25. For information and tickets, call 703-548-5044 and check the website at

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