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Sunday, September 20, 2015


“Now Comes the Night”
     Every once in a while, you see a show that is written so well written, the actors don’t seem to be acting. Such is the case with “Now Comes the Night,” written by E.M. Lewis and playing at 1st Stage at Tysons. It takes place in 2006 in the apartment of Michael Apres (Dylan Myers). He has just returned  from being held hostage for 18 months in Iraq. He was  a journalist and anchorman for a local TV station prior to leaving for Iraq. His friend and co-anchor Brad Flanigan (Jaysen Wright) wants to interview him about his horrific experiences, but Michael is fearful the  interview would affect a female hostage still in Iraq. A third person  on stage is Jack Velazquez (Sun King Davis)), a photo journalist, who  saved Michael’s life, but was killed in their  attempt to escape. “Now Comes the Night” is a must see before it ends Oct. 11. Great direction by artistic director Alex Levy. For more information and tickets, call 703-854-1856 and check the website at Their next show is “Harvey,” which opens Nov. 12.

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