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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


     There’s a classy new Indian restaurant in southwest D.C. at 1101 4th Street, called Masala Art. It’s  in a brand new space just around the corner from the Arena Stage. My guest and I had a sampling of several specialties including chicken tikka, south Indian spicy fish curry in chili coconut sauce, lamb shank curry and goat cheese dumplings. Masala Art has quite the menu and one of the best parts is that each dish has a description.  Indian food is all about spices and flavor. Spices are called masalas, hence the restaurant’s name, Masala Art. The menu has appetizers, tandoori specialties, tawa selections, non-vegetarian and vegetarian entrees, biryani, breads, side dishes and desserts. Several dishes caught my attention such as the panipoori appetizer, puffed hollows with diced potatoes and chickpeas topped with chutney plus stuffed tandoori made with marinated potatoes stuffed with ricotta cheese and dried fruit. Also, lamb in a rich mint and cilantro gravy served with a side of their traditional nan or other bread selections. And for dessert, rasmalal—cottage cheese dumplings in sweetened milk.  Masala Art is owned by Atul Bhola. He and general manager, Jay and Masala Art’s chef, Ajay Ramola, have a real winner on their hands. Give it a try--you won’t be disappointed! For more information and reservations, call 202-554-1101 and check the website at They also have another location at 4441B Wisconsin Avenue Northwest.

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